Mozilla and Firefox OS at Rimini – I was there

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The day opened with a time not to place sea but we have not given up, thanks to the friendly president Roberto organizer of the event through the association RiminiLug we started Mozilla and Firefox OS in Rimini in the early afternoon.

I can not forget the fact that Roberto was in our event in Bologna in September last year and enthusiastic took two phones with Firefox OS, using everyday and so he wanted to organize an event in his home town.

An example of how you do not need immediate feedback but just simply talk about their experience!


Returning to the event the program was very simple. The first talk about what Mozilla and its volunteers has always been very clear and comprehensive fact the next sparked questions. The second talk was a presentation of Firefox OS but I preferred not to make space for applications to move to the third talk which was dedicated to the Open Web App.

The talk of Edward on developing an app for Firefox OS went very well, although with some gaps exhibition, but being the first talk I would say that was a good performance.

We have received many technical questions about how JavaScript, differences of Firefox OS, the relationship with the FSF, the difference between Android and Firefox OS, how to bring Firefox OS on smartphones unofficial, the potential of embedded systems with Firefox OS (then Janos) and many applications programming.

To the detriment of the presences that have not passed the 35 people the fact that they had a lot of questions (the event lasted an hour longer than planned) and feedback on the meeting allowed us to discover some things.

For example the fact that Firefox OS is not necessary to have the account in order to use and download the app is something that I have not thought of and why has a slide in my presentation today.

Also it is time that we begin to evaluate a small talk dedicated to JavaScript, we mention how the DOM and the selectors because they help to understand the power of a web application for the developer than current solutions.

After the event, which lasted more than 3:30 we were in a farm to dinner where there was way to speak again, the LUG offered us dinner and we were appointed honorary members with a card. We talked about many other things to Firefox ESR, AdBlock and how it works, SSL certificates with the project Let’s Encrypt and Thunderbird.

riminiThe event was also very helpful to talk to Edward to organize ourselves internally for upcoming events and activities that we want to do this year as the Italian community of Mozilla.

In fact I suggested to make the request to become himself a Firefox Student Ambassador as Niccolo and Aronne to do later also a Firefox club in his city that is Florence.

Comment cold was the fact that the public than the other meetings had already more adult in fact we have different data and feedback, we have contacted several privately after the event for more information to become volunteers.

The approach was the usual so we must find a way to engage more young people with something more interactive for example.

I leave you with the usual usual photos.


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