Daniele alias Mte90 was born in Rieti, Lazio in the July 24, 1990.

I am a self-taught person who has never stopped forming only that he does not doing courses but getting his hands dirty contributing to many projects, especially open source, as developer/translator/organizer and so on.

I prefer to act on the battle field and to document myself with books to have a clearer direction, but putting my time and my passions at the center, so I spontaneously improve and learn.


I use Linux since 2009 as daily operative system with very satisfaction, other to say my opinion about the technology world on this website I do it often.

I think of myself as an Open Source Pragmatic Multiversal, rather the others to say of me. Only because in the years I was involved in many Italian Open source projects and not. I am not the only one, it isn’t it?

In the years I worked so much with many technologies from CMS development in PHP to PyQT UI only to mention few of them, for more details there are various social networks and this site.


In usual days I work on my Web Agency in Rome, Codeat.

I am a Mozilla Representative, Mozilla Tech Speaker other than a Mozillian of the Mozilla Italia community. For other information there is a page about it.

I am a translator other a PTE for the WordPress Italia community, I often contribute with patches in WordPress since 4.3 release, I develop also plugin, and I am the  co-organizer of WP Roma meetup.

I do also Tech Evangelism obviously else that page will be very short and all my talk are easily accessible on the website.

In 2018 I founded the LUG Rieti and since april 2021 I am part of the Council of Italian Linux Society association.

You understand now that open source it’s part of my DNA but if you want discover why you can look here.