Contribute to open source: the right way 3rd edition

Questo articolo รจ stato scritto oltre 1 years, il contenuto potrebbe essere datato.

What is this book about Open Source?

Open Source is a topic that today is used also outside the IT world but nobody talks about how to be part of it, instead only to be a consumer or how can be profitable.

Rome wasn’t build in a day but all the streets lead to Rome, we have all the streets but we are missing capable people to keep this world growing and improving.

This book is my condensed personal experience in the last 12 years in various projects, communities and roles in Open Source. Including my best practice, tips and a lot of examples and resources.

Third edition

2 years ago I published the 2nd edition, in the meantime various things changed like with the Covid situation and I missed the people during FOSS conference, that was one of the most inspiring things for this project.

Anyway in these time I gathered over 80 links and new stuff so I written the 3rd edition.

  • More images (with better sizes)
  • 134 pages compared to 115 pages of the previous edition
    • An Italian case section in the conclusion chapter
    • More focus about Burnout, Maintainer duties
    • Better explanation about fundings
    • Some thoughts about why donate money is not enough
  • Various typo fixed and updates where needed
  • Andre Jaenisch did again a full review!

The stats for the previous edition are around 900~ downloads as I am able to track with GitHub and Leanpub.

You can download it from:

  • Leanpub – Requires an account but you will be notified for a new release and you can donate from there (if you want)
  • GitHub – You can download it without accounts
  • Amazon Kindle: UK, US, IT, IN, DE, ES, FR, CA to purchase it

If you want to donate you can find me on Patreon, Paypal or on Liberapay.

If you want to help this project reports to me anything, you can find my social accounts links in the ebook but also in this website. I really need feedback by the readers, it is the only way to see if everything is clear as should be!

I want to dedicate this book to all my grandparents that in this 2 years left our world to rest in peace, they never understood what I am doing for living but they where always supporting.

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