My free software and open source activities of June 2024

What has happened this month? In the meantime, to read the previous report, go here.


This month on GitHub I opened 15 tickets and closed 9.


    This month on GitLab I opened 0 tickets and closed 0.


    I was always very intrigued to find an alternative to Bash that is not Python so I can do tiny scripts that works everywhere but that are more easy to read and write too.

    I discovered from Reddit weeks ago the Amber-Lang project that compiles to Bash.
    I tested it with a script to see what generates and in this way I started to contributing to improve it with various tickets.

    At the end I did various PRs and started writing my first Rust line of codes and I was asked to became a Maintainer of the project.
    Well I have accepted and I am interested to improve the documentation and the contribution from the community.

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