I’m an open source evangelist and lover of this philosophy and Mozilla is a perfect community for the involvement of people like me.

I’ve started as a KDE supporter in his community but the relationship with the users was poor for introduce a new user in the development of the softwares.

I’m vouched as Mozillian, before my really trip in the Mozilla World, by a friend and I was following the news closely in the area of Mozilla and when I found a Mozilla event in my country I decided to participate even if the subject Firefox OS I not know much.

So in January 2013 I attended to Firefox OS App Days Rome and I won a Geeksphone Keon.

After this spectacular event I decided that I would become a volunteer Mozilla really active in more areas possible.

In June 2013 I become an app reviewer in trial. I do not pass the approval for my English (I hope that today has improved) and decide to participate on Mozilla Italia forum.

In October 2013 I participate as a speaker about Firefox OS in the Linux Day at Rome (in Italian).

In November 2013 are contacted by the Italian mozillians involved in the Italian launch of Firefox OS as Firefox OS Training Lead for Italy.

In 2014 I take this role very seriously and participate as a speaker in several events.

As developer I’ve written Ringtone Picker for Firefox OS (over 52000+ installation), Moz-Polyfill (in developing), Brickly (interactive demo for Mozilla Brick), Mozilla Presentation Boilerplate, I’ve participated in the development of the Firefox OS Boilerplate and Building Blocks.

I’ve helped for the port of the Firefox OS Boilerplate in Dart, RuneAudio support for the Open Web App, to new features on Wordpress Promote MDN plugin as a new mantainer.

Also I’ve helped new Italian volunteers to develop their first apps for Firefox OS and join the Mozilla’s community.

I’ve written Firefox OS Bookmark for Wordpress that add the support of Open Web app in a Wordpress site.

I’ve translated the Firefox OS Quick Guide in Italian with the help of the Italian community and I’ve added new chapters (actually only in the Italian version).

I was selected as a contributor of the month of September 2014 for the Marketplace and in May 2015 I became a Mozilla Reps.

I’ve joined the Web Compat Italy Team and modified the screenshot tool, helped the Card Generator Tool and participated to Apps on Flame Program and Tablet Contributor Program.

Now I’ve a Geeksphone Keon, Alcatel One Touch Fire, ZTE Open, T2Mobile Flame, Sony Z3C and Foxconn F1 for the development and reporting of bugs (also for show the devices in the Italian events for developers I go).

In 2015 I become Mozilla Reps for Italy.

Also I’ve a Youtube Channel where I talked about Mozilla and Firefox OS in Italian.

In 2016 I started to contribute on and other Mozilla web projects.

In 2015 I become a Mozilla Tech Speaker.

I was coordinator for the Reps Regional Coach initiative and a Mozilla Campus Club Regional Coordinator.

In 2017 I started to contribute on, created the Mozilla Club Rieti, got elected on Mozilla Reps Council.

In 2017, I was elected as Mozilla Reps Council member and started to contribute on

In 2018 I started to code a lot on, got elected again on the Mozilla Reps Council again and helped on the launch of Common Voice for Italian.

Finally I (sometimes) write about Mozilla, Open Source and other in this site in Italian and English.

For the future? Work on Firefox Developer Tools and WebExtensions and continue to promote and help new volunteers.

Check my Mozillian profile for other info and reference.

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