My Open Source projects

A list of my Open Source projects (that deserves a mention), this page doesn’t include the projects where I contribute/d, if you are interested this is my Patreon.

Personal projects

Active projects

  • GlotDict
  • GoodHosts Vagrant plugin
    • A vagrant plugin based on GoodHosts (in Ruby) to let the VM machine to change the file `/etc/hosts` (for Windows, OSX and Linux) that I’m maintaining for the VVV or Varying Vagrant Vagrants project
  • Gitapper
    • A Git wrapper in bash to the various commands that let to execute a script before or after a git command, in this way it is possible to extend it with more features
  • Share-Backported
    • A Firefox browser extension that reimplement the share modal from Firefox 57 with more than 30+ different social networks without any specific integration, just a modal, so it is privacy-friendly as much as possible
  • GH-License
    • Scans all the repositories of a user if include a License file or with git hooks, in this way the single project is checked at every commit if the license is still there
      • Also lets to download automatically a license and commit
  • Espanso Typofixer
    • Various package for Espanso that automatically fix typos in 4 different languages: English, Italian, French and Spanish
      • It is based on SyntaxAutoFix a previous project by me that was doing the same things but not very good that lived for 7 years
      • In the readme it is included the number of typos automatically fixed
  • Reddit Post upvote to Twitter
    • A simple python script that auto publish with a 10 minutes delay your upvoted thread on Reddit
  • PyQT Boilerplate
    • I think that the name is quite clear
  • Pydal
    • A tiny python script that you can use to map your USB footswitch to execute custom script, I am using it to move automatically the mouse cursor between my monitors
  • pyqt_snake
    • A fork of the original code with a better one, I use that game in my Python courses to explain the language as it isn’t so much difficult
    • Includes also a version for Raspberry Pi to use real buttons to move the snake
  • pugdebug
    • The official fork that keep the development of this PyQT UI for xDebug
  • ExtStoreStats
    • A long time scraper now on GitHub CI that executed daily check my extensions download statistics between Firefox and Chrome marketplaces√Ļ
  • My-Scripts and dotfiles
    • My bash/python scripts and my dotfiles

Abandoned Projects

  • RingTone-Picker-for-FirefoxOS
    • My app (the only aavailable as it wasn’t possible from the OS) to set a custom mp3 as ringtone
  • FB-Android-Crash
    • Reached the top 10 of the day on Hackernews, I showed how it was possible to crash the internal Facebook Android browser with a specific HTML code
  • Arduino Remote for Firefox OS
    • A demo to control an Arduino Yun from a web app for Firefox OS to turn on some led
  • Guida veloce allo sviluppo per Firefox OS
    • It was the Italian localization of the original open source book about writing applications for Firefox OS that I expanded with other contributors
  • Firefox-OS-Bookmark-for-Wordpress
    • A plugin for WordPress that enabled your website to be installed as webapp
  • CakeFactory
    • My first and only Actionscript game in flash, a clone of an old Super Mario mini-game
  • PTE-Bot
    • A WordPress plugin with a dedicated instance to register for your language and get every week by email a different plugin that needed some help to review the localization
  • BulkRejectGP
    • A script that helped the WordPress Italian community years ago to clean up automatically wrong localizations on
  • PHP-Gtk
    • Years ago (I think 2009) when it was possible to get the integration natively, I did some applications with that

Retrogaming projects

  • Game Genie Good Guy or GGGG
    • A CLI C++ version with a PyQT UI for the original tool written in BCX-Basic based on the original source code (from the original author)
  • AuroraLocalCoopFilters
    • A LUA code generator for the Aurora homebrew dashboard for Xbox360 that based on scraping auto categorize local coop games
  • PS3 Custom firmware version proxy
    • A python alternative to create a proxy where you can map your PS3 to simulate a different firmware version update, useful to register your PS3 without update the firmware
  • LinuxDay-Rieti-2022-GBA-Demo
    • A Gameboy Advance demo rom written in Lua for BPCoreEngine
  • GBAATM-Rebirth
    • A Gameboy advance Rom patcher that add a trainer, based on the original 2011 source code (from the original author), with a new C++ QT ui and multiplatform (Linux and OSX too)
  • Saboteur-Xbox360-Patcher
    • A personal project to manipulate The Sabouteur game lua files for Xbox360

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered

This project started in 2014, the idea was to get a plugin boilerplate with example included with the support of a CLI generator. Usually boilerplate are just blank bootstrap projects, in this way is more fast to write a plugin that has everything.

Codeat projects

In my company, I developed various OSS projects that are public.
  • WPCli-scripts
    • Collection of bash and python scripts for WP-CLI
  • WPDB-Status
    • A simple drop script in the WP root folder to check the status of the database with SQL commands or WP CLI to cleanup
  • wp-cli-getbyurl
    • Package for WP-CLI that convert the post/page/taxonomy URL to an ID
  • CodeatCS
    • Our coding standard for phpcs/phpcbf that extend WordPress one with other standard ruleset
  • phperrorlog_exporter
    • Prometheus PHP error log exporter, watches PHP error logs end exports metrics to Prometheus. Fork of the original with improved compatibility.
  • mysql-backup
    • A Perl script that backup database or files and using cadaver client push on WebDAV
  • Facebook-OpenGraph-Refresher
    • A WordPress plugin (now abandoned as the Facebook method is not supported anymore) that automatically updated the Opengraph of the article if there were changes on Facebook
  • CSVEmailVerifier
    • ¬†From a CSV with many emails automatically using various technique define if it is a real working email or not
  • hook-flowchart
    • A WordPress that shows the hook executed in page with a flowchart
  • wp-ff-exp-imp
    • A suite of tools to export posts from WordPress using the HTML on the backend area of every post using Firefox, JSON and WXR.
      • Created for a customer that didn’t have access as admin