Little recap from WordCamp Europe Berlin 2019

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It was few days ago but is better to write the various thoughts in my mind not about the WordCamp or the experience (there will be an anonymous survey for it) but the Status of art of Gutenberg WordPress.

Contributor Day

After a lot of years and a lot of WordCamp, I think that the CDay is the most valuable. The problem is the difference between the Europe and the others.

A CDay works if you have leaders with experience in contributing and are more than 1 person. In the Italy case this is not true so much, so the experience is usually chat a lot about the topic and not contributing so much (depends on the team of course).

Europe is different because we were all there, so easy to do discussions about what to do next, and also do patches/contributing.

The same experience is not possible everywhere but there is no plan about it, mentoring new team leaders for wordcamp is something that should be done to improve the inclusivity and engage more the people.

Anyway I liked the CDay, it is the day that I prefer at WordCamp (yes, I don’t care a lot of the conference because i have only 1-2 talks to usually follow).

The Orientation tool is amazing and waiting to get it also for the other WordCamp soon.

At GlotPress table we had time to talk about how to integrate the notes feature (that was my first pr in the history), but we saw that without notifications this feature is useless.

So we chosen to remove it from the plugin (I will do another one) but in the trac ticket you can find everything.

The most important part of the day is that finally I am a maintainer and committer for VVV, the reference dev environment to contribute to WordPress (and also work).

Also we got a table, considering how this project is unofficial (so we don’t have a channel for us on WP slack, yes we asked, but we didn’t find anyone that was accepting our idea).

Also in a moment of no interest (for me) during the conference I worked at the Contributor area:

After this experience I saw the WC Retreat (next year there will be again) format very interesting but expensive. Basically because you can have the same format of CDay in more days with all the  various contributors but this kind of wordcamp is quite unique and not replicable also somewhere else because we (as contributor) don’t have a lot of skilled contributors (that can travel).

Hi Birgit, sorry for the discussion on Twitter but seems that is difficult to say how the things are in the WP community/decision management so when I see the opportunity to say what I think, as Italian (with a lot of gesture) I feel to say my opinion 🙂


If a WordCamp is good for networking and meet people, the Europe is a super duper version of that.

Me and JB (together with Garrett) are part of the GlotDict team, the browser extension to improve the localizer/reviewer life in

Morten is the first influencer that started to discuss about Governance in WP, in an open way. Deserve a lot of our appreciation for moving on this topic.

Also if the project is not official got a table at Contributor Day, wondering if also other projects in the future can get one.

I don’t have a photo of the VVV team but was great finally to met them in real life, Ciao Lorelai and Tom!

The WordPress Italian community (we are not all)

A lot of people indeed

Next Wordcamp for me is in Catania!

Various updates

A very interesting talk about how to implement PHP 7 in WordPress (usually is difficult to find this kind of stuff WP centered).

Really Google, also the next time take few stickers because it was very sad. Also I found a bug with AMP plugin, WordPress 4.9 and Yoast after coming back.
I tested also the Google SiteKit but got a similar issue.

WordPress 4.9 is used by the 25~% of the WP installations, what this mean? It is not possible to see the numbers in that page for anything but only percentages.

That’s true, we need more of this. Not the usual talks like the best 15 tips for security but stuff more advanced, so maybe there will be more attention in the topic inside WP (do you now like a bruteforce feature builtin in the core as example).

The WordCamp Europe was the first one with PWA support, waiting for the others to let track the talks that I want easily.

About the Matt’s keynote

Questions at the keynote was different but I saw that there is a huge request of governance, accessibility and take care of the community.

Anyway I want to talk about the Trac/SVN stuff:

I think that the point was misconfused. We can still use Trac because it works but the real problem is the SVN infrastructure that is very old and create a lot of issues to everyone from contributor and developers. So migrate it to git can save a lot of time (and bandwidth, there was a lot of attention about it because after all is consuming power and so more air pollution etc).

We can move on new tools like NPM, WebPack PHP 7 but not migrate the infrastructure. How we can be attractive if we need to use this old stuff with all their limitation?

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