Win Bigly, Persuasion in a world where facts don’t matter – Scott Adams

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I bought this book while I was waiting my flight because I know the Dilbert strips and his way of explain things.

As European I don’t know everything about US politics and I was thinking that could be helpful to understand how works, but also how the communication worked in the last election.

Americans gather money for their elections, call people by phone to get money, people with pins about their politic person and so on. Basically strange things in Europe.

The interesting of this book is that explain how Trump won in an easy way. More the people against him was attacking but his person but not for his arguments, more he was winning.

This is the most important lesson that we can take from this book, and I see the same behavior in Europe that confirm the same thing. Talk badly about your opponent (and not they are arguments) not let to move voters but let the voters of the attacked person to be more emphasized with him. So really the opposite!

I have also to add that the opponent shows also how much is incompetent because is superficial instead talk about the facts/arguments.

The other point is: people want clear words and imagination. Trump is famous because written a book “Art of deal”, he uses this knowledge to be more attractive in talking with nicknames but also keyword or buzzword to remember to people the message.

This book helps to understand a lot of things about communication with real facts instead of rules. After all if worked in a election for over 320~ millions of people why should this not work also in your job/life?

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