The TAO of coaching – Max Landsberg

This article has been written before more than 1 years, information might old.

I bought this book in 2016 before to go to Mozilla All Hands London 2016 because was one of the reading suggested to volunteers.

At this kind of Mozilla’s events volunteers are getting ready for meetings with Mozilla employee to discuss the future of the various projects and activities.

So I wanted to be ready for this important events and also for my community because coaching is suggested when you work in a team and you want to improve your skills on relationships.

Another thing is that I wasn’t happy to ready this kind of books because I always thought that as developer I don’t need to ready psychology stuff.

Instead, I liked this book because is divided in chapter with a recap, lists of stuff discussed, exercises and also examples.

From my experience I did a talk about Coaching for Open Source Community 2.0, also a doc about recruiting volunteers, a doc about how to be a Tech Speaker and a lot of other things.

I learned about GROW model, mentoring and how work in a team and help to grow.

I think that is the best way to improve the life in communities is a reading of this book because open the yes about a lot of things that you usually don’t think in a team work task.

In other words can be an old book but is perfect to understand what is coaching and how can change your work and life.