The quick & easy way to effective speaking – Dale Carnegie

This article has been written before more than 1 years, information might old.

Last week we saw a book of this author and let’s move on to this one.

This book presents itself as a perfect base for those who want to start public speaking, giving presentations and not having big problems.

The classics like: anxiety, fear, babble, I don’t know where to start, if my topic is interesting, there are those who are better than me and so on.

I recommend it as a perfect match with the other book because even if very dated it contains many useful ideas for those who want to start.

There are chapters dedicated to how to make the public participate, how to excite the listeners, how to make a speech from a stage (old style), how to be convincing, how to improvise, how to be eloquent and organize the speech.

In a nutshell a real guide on everything related to public speaking in the various forms that can be useful in the workplace as well as for private life.

There are so many public speaking manuals that say pretty much all the same things, but they are all following this book.

Better to have a solid foundation on everything and then specialize in the tech field for example and starting from this is perfect also because it is cheap.

From this reading I wrote this collection of tips on how to do a tech speaker in English,