How to win friends and influence people – Dale Carnegie

We are launching this new section of the site with a book that was very important to me.

It is a very famous book written in 1936 but still very relevant today. Often the author is mentioned Dale Carnegie and his other books (which we’ll see) also in TV series (Sheldon in the first season) because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

I have read it twice and as usual took notes, indeed this book is one of the few that at the end of each chapter has a small summary.

I will not elaborate on the author because Wikipedia explains it much better than me and so let’s focus on the content.

The book is like a manual on how to change one’s approach with other people, bringing real examples (even if a little dated like Roosevolt) and defining them in principles.
The Wikipedia english version include also a page about this book with a recap and also the learning points that include.

Why you need a manual to learn how to talk to people or approach them? After all we are humans so we will do every day but if we can do better?

The book is divided in principles for every chapter and makes it very simple to follow as well as put into practice by doing tests, so it is not the classic book on personal development that proposes a patented method but instead of small common sense tips that really change the things.

For someone like me who deals with programming and runs a lot of events in Italy and abroad, living in different open source communities it is important to know how to value others, themselves but also not to be in a corner of the discussion but also involve others.

I don’t want to go into details because I read the book two years ago but I can assure you that I have put several things into practice and I think them working, considering that it becomes very simple to make them your own because they are very simple and probably you do not think about it.

This book is found in most of the classifics of books to read, I don’t remember how I found it but I only know that I was surprised by the style and simplicity.

Now it is found in all bookshop even in pocket format so it’s not even expensive.

At the next review, we’ll see another book by this author 🙂