How to talk to anyone at work – Leil Lowndes

I read that book recently and I was intrigued about what I can learn of new about it?

After all I read it a lot of books about coaching, self-help and communications but when I see that the title include a number of tips I cannot resist.

For me is better to have a recap about what I can learn from a chapter and this kind of books are itneresting for this.

The book is divided in5 big chapters: Confidence,Caring, Clarity, Credibility and Coexistence.

For me the first 3 was more interesting because offered different point of views about how to manage classic situation isinde the offices.

Also on the tip is that this book was written by a woman and offered different point of views that usually men doesn’t have that can help to understand better few actions or non-verbal communications that we do but we don’t consider it.

Also there is a little part about public speaking that I wasn’t expecting because for me it isn’t part of the topic of the usual life of work about do presentations. I see that like something that is not for everyone but maybe it is just me because I talk at conferences/meetup and not inside companies.

It wasn’t so difficult to read and seems big because has a lot fo pages but has bigger white margin inside so every subchapter is like 5 pages. So probably this book could be more smaller as size then it is right now.