My 10 years in the Mozilla community

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My memories of 10 years ago aren’t the best, but just in this personal blog, I have 128 posts tagged as Mozilla and 25 as Firefox.
I also have a page that already documents my journey with Mozilla.

So probably you are thinking why a blog post about 10 years as there is a lot of stuff already written?

Our forum instance still in use remembered this, and I waited to catch a photo of this achievement.

I don’t want to rewrite the things I already wrote years ago but just a tiny recap of the most important ones:

Looking today at my history and how many things changed, I regret various Mozilla projects and programs for sure.
At the same time I see how a lot of things in the open source world changed and the real question, I am still contributing to Mozilla?

The world changed, a lot of friends left Mozilla for various reasons, but also the foundation is not the same as before with tons of projects or campaigns to promote.
Right now I am just one of the community manager of the Italian community and the maintainer of the community mozilla portal.

I don’t know how is evolving the Web, but awareness is different about privacy but the knowledge on how the web works not.
I regret projects like Webmaker where it was possible to teach how to build web pages easily and in this way explain it, but a lot of different communities, OSS and SaaS for this kind of things born in the meantime.

Sure there are a lot of AI interests right now, but it isn’t something new, they were already used since years in a lot of services, to autotag your photos, to translate books and so on.
I don’t think that this momentum and all this rush to AI technology is something that is sustainable. No one talks about how many servers are required to train and use those technologies, how many data they need and how are they found and updated.
Also, the Mozilla rush to AI it is something that I want to see what will produce and how much it will be live, as Mozilla is famous to kill stuff after 1-2 years.

Said that from Mozilla I expect to improve Firefox but now with a new logo or a new UI but with an always better technology. Probably learning from the thunderbird project on how to do auto promotion.

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