My free software and open source activities of February 2023

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What has happened this month? In the meantime, to read the previous report, go here.


This month on GitHub I opened 0 tickets and closed 1.


    This month on GitLab I opened 1 tickets and closed 1.

    My projects

    I see that I wasn’t busy as usual on GitHub/GitLab but I was working with my agency for a paid project for Wikimedia Italia, GLAMs.
    The Laravel Livewire code is on
    It was the first time I/we was/were paid for an open source project for a foundation.

    The project started with a deadline of a month instead took since October 2022 to February, mainly because for the many requirements changed during the development.
    As per this reason probably I would like to change all the file naming that I kept to not break anything.


    The initiative that I was waiting since a lot is a triage of old Core tickets, I wrote a guide about how to do that activity.

    It was fascinating to me dig deeper in tickets that are 16 years old or more, about things that today are already fixed or to study the W3C for the HTML sanitization as example.
    With this I was able to help closing 4 tickets (but there are more waiting for a second review after mine).


    I was at the Mozilla booth at Fosdem.

    I was missing to talk to all this people and I have to work again to the community portal to fix the event attending.

    Italian Linux Society

    We started working on the Merge-IT 2023 for this May in Verona.

    At same time on ILS Rieti we are working to organize a Python course.

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