My Firefox and Thunderbird extensions 2023

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Let’s start with the Firefox extension list!

ActivityWatch Web Watcher

It allows you to track your browser’s activity with ActivityWatch which is an Open Source project, which every day marks which applications are most used and consequently also the most visited sites.


My password manager on my instance with VaultWarden which is another open source implementation but in Rust and relies on a sqlite database, so it’s simpler and lighter.
I use it for work because it allows you to share passwords among multiple users and each vault is encrypted with a password.


To have a button that allows copying and pasting from StackOverflow and GitHub, even if the latter now has it natively and this extension hasn’t been updated for a long time.


I’ve been using it for years for grammar corrections on both Firefox and Thunderbird and it works great between Italian and English.

Don’t track me google

Removes tracking redirects and various parameters in the URL it injected on Google results.

Emoji Box

To insert emojis, KDE has its native tool but I am not able to use it.

Facebook Direct Links

My extension that removes tracking from Facebook-generated URLs.


It recognizes URL shorteners and if the URL is in its database it sends you to the destination URL directly avoiding the redirect at all.

GitHub File Icons

One of many extensions for GitHub, this one adds file format icons to file lists.

GitHub Repo Size

Adds repository size in MB to repo homepage.


It allows you to remove the browser history based on the settings, in my case I only keep the last two months.

I don’t care about cookies

I also use it on Firefox for Android and it automatically removes cookie banners from websites.

Medium Unlimited

Unfortunately many use this service to write things but if you are not registered after 3 views it blocks you from reading. The extension solves the problem by resetting cookies for this site only.

Advanced GitHub Notifier

I translated this into Italian, it allows you to have notifications from GitHub in the browser as if they were native.


GitHub code gets smart when generating links in package manager files or when importing a library.


Adds the ability to collapse section content in markdown docs on GitHub.


It adds a sidebar to navigate through the files of a repository much faster, the GitLab alternative hasn’t worked for a long time unfortunately.


Are you sick of opening images in a new tab only to see them bigger? This extension shows them on the page if it recognizes that the URL points to an image.

Privacy Badger

Automatically blocks tracing services and allows you to configure whether they have access to cookies (usually used to make some sites or third-party logins work).

Privacy Pass

It implements a Privacy Pass protocol supported by services like Cloudflare or hCaptcha, which means it allows you to proceed without having to fix them automatically.

Reddit Saved posts organizer

I love Reddit more than the other social networks put together, I often save the threads that I want to read calmly (while I’m around I just sign them) and this extension generates a window with the list of saved ones. I use it a lot for my podcast links.

Refined Github

It adds a lot of cool stuff and more buttons in GitHub, be sure to read the things it implements first because there are so many.

Share Backported

My extension with over 1300~ users, reimplements the sharing menu on various social networks. Highly configurable and supports about 30 different ones, it is very light because it does nothing but open a window that refers to the sharing url of the service, avoiding tracking or other. It also supports Firefox containers.


Are there any sites that cause problems? I implement CSS rules to fix them when it’s not possible to do otherwise.

Tap to Tab

From a laptop without a mouse opening on a new tab is really annoying with double clicking etc. This extension instead with a double tab automatically opens the links in a new tab.


Fed up with the Github/Stackoverflow/Wikipedia clone sites you see in the results? This removes them.

uBlock Origin

The best adblocker out there with these additional rules:


As with Stylus, if I need optimizations on sites, I create an ad hoc script like I did for Reddit to hide posts that have Youtube videos.


To have the GitHub site in full screen.


On Thunderbird besides LanguageTool (already mentioned) I also have:

Compact Headers

To gain space among recipients etc in emails.

Send Later

To schedule my emails.

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