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I write very fast on the keyboard and I don’t look often on that when I write, so I do a lot of typos.
The real issue is that on mobile you have a tool that let you fix automatically what you write, but on desktop doesn’t exist.

So 7 years ago I did a tiny tool in Python that does automatically for you.

This project didn’t grow in popularity, but it was uploaded on PyPi (now I removed it) and had various issues that I was not able to fix.
The tool also supported multiple language together like Italian and English but had some issues I hated a lot, like a missing accented letter support.

Anyway the tool was built by a database of words with typo associated to them, during the years and with some Hacktoberfest there were added also Spanish and French, but I manually added typo every day to this database. Yes, when I wrote one or found it reading it somewhere I added to the list and that growth a lot.

At the end I decided that keep another tool for this when there is one supported by the community, working also outside Linux it was better (also because it is fast).
Espanso is a project (in Rust) that, based on you write, replace that word or command to something else. You want the today date? :date and so on…
So I migrated the database in the Espanso package format:

In those pages you can find the command to install the package.

Now the generator update also the readme file of the package generator with some data:

  • English: 4383 words with 5025 typos
  • French: 69 words with 70 typos
  • Italian1183 words with 1437 typos
  • Spanish: 103 words with 118 typos

Those cannot seem too many but usually are always the same words with some swapped letters and this can help your life without noticing.

You can of course contributing to the list of words and everything is explained in the project repository.

EDIT: Released 1.0.1 version with various fixes

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3 thoughts on “Welcome Espanso Typofixer!

  1. Thanks, Daniele. This installed and works just fine on Linux and Windows, but does not install on Mac.
    Any suggestions?

    David Kachel

    BTW, I used TypeitForMe for 30 years. Only Espanso could outperform it!

    1. Never mind. I just copied the file from the install on a Linux machine and sneakernetted it to my Macs.

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