WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 3.3.0

Questo articolo รจ stato scritto oltre 1 years, il contenuto potrebbe essere datato.

This project is not new at all. Anyway the first release was in 2014 but there is still people that doesn’t know.

A powerful way to generate a WordPress plugin boilerplate with example and integrations for various things, ready to develop.

The last post about it in this website was in 2018 and the latest major release 2 years ago…
It was time to write again something about it, maybe you never saw also the dedicated website.

In this release (including the updated generator to the new changes) there are new stuff.

The most important one is the code example for a real Gutenberg block with WebPack and so on! Thanks to Erik for that!
There is a new library to detect Visual builder/page composer in a WordPress website, useful for specific integrations or behaviour.

Also now is used a library to enqueue assets that is more powerful then the native implementation as can read the file generated by Webpack or add the async parameters.
I added also some better example for some tests, JS stuff for REST api and so on. Basically code from my job that can be useful to everyone as starting point and tiny improvements with usual cleaning.

I don’t think that there is anything else to add if not that is always more modern and always less WordPress code centric and using more library that simplify the developer life.

Just check the website for better information about the project ๐Ÿ™‚

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