Modern alternatives to famous shell commands

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So a few years ago I started improving my shell skills and after writing a lot of scripts it was time also to use improved tools.

The idea is not new after all, I am talking of alternatives to commands like ls rewritten in Rust or Go that support modern things, like identify .gitignore files or use colors natively.

There are a lot of articles like this, so I don’t want to do a long list with screens, but my idea was to replace with an alias the original tools and also forget that I am using this new ones. So I don’t have to learn anything new, but they are already working with improved performances and features.

  • Autojump, a faster way to navigate your filesystem
  • hstr, shell history suggest box
  • eza, A modern replacement for ls
  • bat, A cat(1) clone with wings
  • sd, A sed alternative more simple
  • fdfind, A simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to ‘find’
  • ripgrep, ripgrep recursively searches directories for a regex pattern, also with ripgrep-all to search also in PDF, odt or zip files
  • Gitapper, an extended git with hooks pre/post command for any repository
  • colordiff, diff with colors
  • delta, git pager with colors

A mention is for hstr that I use a lot to search on my command history.

The real issue is for the command that are not replacing the original, as I basically forget to have them…

Anyway I hope that this can help you on find new way to do old things that can improve your time and work easily. In case not exists, do it on your own like I did for gitapper.

For my bash scripts and alias, you can check my dotfiles repository. I already wrote here how I am using git to manage it.

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