My 2021’s life recap

Questo articolo è stato scritto oltre 1 years, il contenuto potrebbe essere datato.

I guess that I wrote the last recap in this blog in 2016 or 2017.

It was time with the pandemic and so on to write a new one just to keep a line, hoping for a new promising year to back to normality.

So I will do a recap of what I did, my achievements and so on.

I wrote 40 articles between Italian and English, it is not like one for week but they aren’t few after all.
What are the most read of this website in 2021?

12 monthly recaps of my activities in Open source in English (as I am doing since 3 years).

My Italian podcast had 50 episodes this year with the first birthday. The podcast is about the latest news from Open source and Technology world with some comments, as I am not able to track outside Funkwhale with 88~ subscribers, Spreaker 75~, and on Youtube 12~ (average views for episode) so I have no idea of subscribers from Spotify and so on.

I managed and organized the Merge-IT online with over 14~ Italian communities with 2 recap (in Italian) that you can find:

I was elected also in the council for the Italian Linux Society that lead all the Italian Linux user groups (video in Italian).

As association we devolved this year 9000€ in donations but also in other things but there will the recap of 2021 with everything in the next days. I admit that pick FOSS projects is very difficult, the priority was for Italian projects. I monthly give money with Patreon and GitHub Sponsor to Neovim and some devs and it not easy to value a developer/project that you know is still active and changing things.

Furthermore, I bought also a KDE Slimbook with a video review (in Italian). Another video was the live tour and comments for the Elettroludica museum in Avezzano (Italian) about retrogaming.

I also started a 4 posts series about reverse engineering a xbox360 game with Linux.
Instead in Italy my recap of the PNRR (Next Generation UE for Italy) generated a lot of traffic, probably because I am one of the few people in the country that read it.

I did a tiny merge requests for some LSP server in Kate, the KDE editor and my name is in the list of the 2021 contributors.

From the Mozilla side I helped to organize a Common Voice contest for Mozilla Italia community with also shipping the prizes. I am the maintainer now of the Mozilla Community Portal. I helped also on migrating to the new website of Mozilla Italia that required a lot of discussions inside the community and removing of the old WordPress website.

Not only that, but I was added also on the Mozilla Credits page list!

I joined in live 4 events this year: Open Source Day in Florence, Linux Day in Rieti (that I organized), SFScon in Bolzen and LibreConf Italian Edition in Venice.

From the developer side (in public) is completely a different story.

I opened 29 pull requests to non-mine projects on GitHub (maybe 1 or 2), 157 tickets opened on GitHub, 19 pull requests on GitLab (I don’t have the information about the issues).

My name as contributors was also in the WordPress release 5.8 and 5.9. This because of some of my patches get merged in that release (and also for the next that was postponed).

I also contributed in various Italian Linux Society websites and managing some of their portals (or write new stuff like guides).
Like a WordPress portal to manage our BigBlueButton instance to let users to record their calls. Or the Discourse script to get a category with emails incoming and notify users and the new theme for our SimpleSAML instance.

I also started writing a novel and some short novels in the free time (in Italian). With 2 short novels, I tried in a contest but nothing…

I got my name as localizer in a GBA homebrew game (I also modded it again to get a USB-C battery):

Finally, I bought a house!

Just for me in my city (in Italy) and time of writing, I still don’t know if I can call it mine as I am waiting some documents and some works.

Next year?

Well I think that I will work on the new edition of my book about open source and about the rest I have no plans.

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