My free software and open source activities of April 2021

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What has happened this month? In the meantime to read the previous report go here.


This month on GitHub I opened 1 tickets and closed 5.


This month on GitLab I opened 5 tickets and closed 4.

My projects

1 meeting for LUG Rieti.



Working on VVV with code reviews, patch and tickets managements.

Italian Linux Society

I candidated myself for the council (in Italian):

I was elected!

So I started working with the others in various things, in a survey to our LUGs/associated users, promoting our Discourse instance and started reorganizing the various services that the association has (where it is hosted, moving to the association etc) and thinking on new ones.

I finished working on our Discourse instance and developed a Python webhook as workaround for a bug (or feature it is still not clear) in Discourse.
And moving on the organization for Merge-it 2021 that now has a schedule and we are defining the various speakers.


Now there 21 episodes in Italian of my podcast about Open Source opinions and updates.

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