AuroraLocalCoopFilters – Now you can filters coop games again in your xbox360 dashboard

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We are in lockdown. Since the first quarantine I started working with retrogaming to learn and get fun as I cannot do anything outside home.

I did some tools and bought some old consoles just for fun. I did a rewrite of Game Genie Guy for Linux, a new rewrite of GBAATM with Linux support and a Proxy for PlayStation3.

I started also a reverse engineering of an Xbox 360 game, not finished yet (I am waiting the new laptop).

This time I did something for Xbox360, a filter of coop games to do with friends. The issue is that years ago Aurora (the main dashboard used on hacked Xbox360 consoles) was getting that player information from Now years are gone and that scraper builtin doesn’t work anymore, so you cannot use the official API of this dashboard.

So I chose to do something again with Python, a scraper from Wikipedia, Co-optimus and a human made list that generate the Lua scripts that will add filters on your dashboard.

You can find everything on GitHub, from download the lua files generated or how many games detected.

The list is complete? Not yet but you can find everything in the project’s readme ๐Ÿ™‚

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