My free software and open source activities of January 2021

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What has happened this month? In the meantime to read the previous report go here.


This month on GitHub I opened 1 tickets and closed 3.


    This month on GitLab I opened 0 tickets and closed 1.

    My projects

    I shared 2 updates about my reverse engineering of The Saboteur game:

    I wrote an article in Italian about my Adobe Flash dev experience in 2012.

    I also uploaded and published 2 images on Wikipedia from grandfather/grandmother data notes for their customers as documentation of handmade work.



    Working on VVV with code reviews and tickets managements. My 2 WordPress patches planned for 5.7 was merged.

    Already thinking for other patches in my trac profile to push for scheduling.


    Now there 8 episodes in Italian of my podcast about Open Source opinions and updates.

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    2 thoughts on “My free software and open source activities of January 2021

    1. Trying to use your backportal SHARE extension for Mozilla Firefox and when logged into Parler it pulls up a screen saying to rotate my screen. Now that is kind of hard am using a desktop computer and 21 inch monitor without any add-on to show position of screen.

      LOL perhaps you can fix this bug in the next update you do for this Extension for Firefox?

      1. Hi Charles,
        the support of the extension is happening on and not on my blog.
        Anyway I think that is a bug from Parler as I am just using a link and anything else as you can see in the code
        The extension doesn’t have any specific integration for a service, that is the cool part so any issue is probably on Parler.
        I guess that doesn’t like the size of the window opened (you can change the size in the extension settings) and detect those as a mobile phone instead that from a computer.

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