How to compile C++ software with Qt for Windows/Linux/OSX

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Months ago I started and finished a project, GBAATM-Rebirth.

This tool is a GameBoy Advance rom patcher with a GUI written in C++ using QT frameworks.

The issue for me was to compile and generate a compiled version for Windows and OSX other and Linux automatically.

So I started a discussion on Reddit to get inspiration and maybe other projects that do what I need.

After a lot of testing, releases and issues with GitHub actions I did.

You can find the workflow here but let me explain some steps here.

  • Generate a zip package for every OS
  • Upload that zip as release based on the tag
  • On Linux, it was simplest
  • On Windows, require a specific compiler version
    • Also use specific commands to generate the package
    • Include some DLL or doesn’t work in the package
  • On OSX, use a specific command to generate the binary


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