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GitHub is experimenting new design in this day, you can see that from the menu on the website that let you to enable experimenting new UIs changes.

Since few days is possible to create a repo with the readme that will be published in your profile. Something like MSN Live Spaces or MySpace as example but just more dev friendly.

To get one you need to check if your username is lowercase or not because it is case-sensitive, so in my case the repo is, and not as I tried initially.

Anyway create something that is cool, informative but also different from the others it is important. Considering that GitHub is one of the most common referral of my website itself, so I was looking to find a cool way to update it.

There is a tutorial by SimonW that explain how to auto update the Readme using GitHub actions, so I forked the code, did few changes to get my version.

I invite you to check this tutorial before to continue, because now we will see the difference with my version:

  • Cron is every day, not every 32 minutes. My profile is looked every day but don’t need to execute a container every 30 minutes
  • Switch the Atom feed to my RSS and formatting the date differently
  • Change the GitHub GraphQL query to use the name with owner for repos, because I contribute/work on different organization or other users repositories
  • Also change the repository order in GraphQL to show first the last updated repositories and show 8 projects instead of 5
  • Added an image with a link to my free/open source book (I am working on the second edition)
  • Remove the custom TIL feed of SimonW and replaced with the pinned posts in my profile on Reddit

Those are the difference with the script compared to the original repo.

On top of these changes, I added my bio with more info and links to various repositories that I think that are more important or explain better my interests/participation.

The only problem is that is not possible to style the table cell to width as “50%”, I tried with css inline and HTML propriety, I think that there is a sanitization from GitHub side.

Thanks to the self-updating article I was able to achieve this very easily and quickly, now is your turn!

What will show your GitHub profile readme?


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