Daniele 30.0 – Major release with 30 years shades of nerd

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It is happened. I cannot stop it. I am 30 years old now!

I started thinking to write a blogpost in my website that is running from when I had 18 years. So the idea was to do a recap of what happened in this 10 years like I was 20 and thinking like it is incredible.

  • Mte90.net during the years used Flatz-CMS (my flat php cms that was used from various people) and Lepton (php cms), migrated in WordPress around 2012
    • Initially I was thinking that DB was useless, just because I didn’t was developing locally but remotely
      • We are talking of 10 years ago, when a lot of stuff was complicated to do compared today
  • In 2012 I started writing posts in Italian and English
    • In that period I think that I did a tiny live course for english and started to improving also in the next years with Duolingo
  • I remember that in 2015 at DUCC-IT I tried VIM, now I am using since more then an year as my dev editor NeoVIm
    • Vim is hard and require motiviation to learn it and discover how much is cool and powerful
  • Opened a GitHub account in 2012
    • I am old indeed
  • In 2012 I compiled Firefox 9 Qt version, that doesn’t exist anymore since years
    • It is kind of interesting fact to discover for a lot of people that Mozilla was experimenting with that but with 0 resources working on and keep compatibility with everything was impossible to keep it
    • Compile a software also very big was kind of a mission impossible
  • For the Firefox OS launch I was talking with TIM people (bigger telecommunications’ vendor in Italy) for Mozilla, in 2014
  • For Mozilla since 2013 I did a lot of things, I am maintaining a page about it (that is more complete) also a profile on Mozillians
    • Mainly all the things that I was able and achieve with just motivation and interests. This remembers how much is powerful meritocracy is and how much often is forgotten.
    • All the All Hands joined and other mozilla meetups in Mozilla office for the Mozilla Reps council
  • What I would write a real book after my initial tentative, especially about Open Source and contributing, in English!
    • Yes in 2015 I localized in Italian the Firefox OS quick guide and added new pages (with help of others)
    • In 2020 the second edition of the book itself!
  • That I could get in 10 years just 4 smartphones with me: Openmoko Freerunner,¬†Samsung Galaxy Note (1), OnePlus One and the latest in progress OnePlus 5T
  • Mentioned in 2 University thesis by Edoardo and Michelangelo (in the second case for help with formatting the thesis XD)
    • I didn’t join university as student, maybe as speaker but not with a course, so I don’t have any degree
  • Mentioned in an Italian book in the Thanks section, about command line
  • All the events that I joined with all the report I wrote in the years, in Italian and English
    • This take about the international events also as speaker like MozFest or Fosdem
    • The many friends over all the world with similar interests
  • That in 2015 I will create my own company with friends and still working together with some changes
  • In 2013 I joined my first linux day in Italy and now are 7 years in a row
  • In 2018 I founded a Linux User Group in my city (Rieti), with 2 Linux Day, 2 course organized and provided (Python and networking)
  • In 10 years I wrote 400~ articles on this website excluding all the guests posts during the years
  • In 2016 I co-founded an Italian association and 2018-2020 as president for that
  • In 2017 I learned Esperanto languages with A2 certification
    • Also Spanish but very basic
  • In 2017 in top ten on Hackernews for FB-Android-Crash
  • In 2014 (I think) my first official WordPress plugin, Adrotate Extra Settings
  • In 2017 I did an AMA on the italian subreddit
  • A Bash script written in 2012 is still working very good
  • In 2017 I was in a national Italian newspaper about the work of Digital Transformation team
  • In Wordcamp Europe 2017 as speaker to talk about a study I did for the WordPress localization ecosystems about words with issues for localization
  • In 2012 I did my first GUI for a cli tool, Plessc, that was mentioned also on the official wiki of the original tool (LessCSS)
  • In 2016 I released GlotDict (browser extension) that become very popular inside the WordPress community
  • In 2019 I revamped my Gameboy Advance with changing the screen (soldering again)
  • In 2018/2019 my first DMCAs from Facebook, on Chrome and Firefox addons marketplace for 2 different extensions and for a WordPress plugin
  • In 2018 moved to an office instead working from home and finally in 2020 in my personal office!
  • In 2020 I did my first C++ project (with Qt) to patch GBA roms
  • In 2018 my first experiments with machine learning
  • In 2013/2015 my first mobile app (for Firefox OS)
  • In 2013/2016 I did a lot of videos in Italian on youtube about open source
  • In 2018 I tried to do a podcast in Italian about open source
  • In 2015 I co-founded my own Web Agency, Codeat SRLS
  • In 2019 a video interview was in a dvd attached to an IT magazine (in Italian)
  • In 2018 part of a local jury for the national Maker Faire for the projects of my province
  • In 2019 I did the Santiago walk in Spain
  • As 2020 I have over 200~ hours on Battlefield 1 (it is an important achievement)
  • The collection of Wolverine comics started in 2006 stopped in 2016 and that comics are gone
    • Also Deadpool too
    • Instead the Punisher I have like everything published in Italy
    • Ghost Rider now is driving a car instead then a motocycle…
    • Hellboy collection, like, complete
    • A lot of comics in the collection but is just enough to open my instagram
  • In 2020 I digitalized an archive of letters, postcards and photos of my family archives of 1908/1942, http://archivio.rieti.tech/

I probably forgot something but, hey this is life something goes forward something require a bit of search in your hard drive.

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