Contribute to open source: the right way 2nd edition – Download the free/open book now!

Questo articolo è stato scritto oltre 1 years, il contenuto potrebbe essere datato.

The 3rd edition is available there!

I published my first English language book in 2019 about contribute to open source (I explained here the reasons etc).

Later this year during the lockdown in Italy I started working on the new edition that now is publicly available as the previous one but before the download link, let’s see the changes:

  • More books and external resources to let you discover more things
  • A lot of typos fixed
  • New paragraphs/sections, a lot
  • New reviewer Andre Jaenisch, without him wasn’t possible to release this new edition
  • 115 pages compared to the previous 100 pages

Other numbers: 97 people downloaded the book from leanpub with 5 that donated 30$~ (that I reshared to other projects like KDE or NeoVim)

The commit with the changes says 402 additions and 104 deletions.

I cannot track who download the book from GitHub, so I don’t know the complete real numbers but an estimation can be at least 1/3 of the leanpub downloads.

From reddit, someone shared to me that is possible to track files outside zip/tar.gz, so 2019.1 got 211 downloads!

After the first edition

The big issue was getting feedback about what to improve or missing because also if people downloaded is not easy to read a book but in all these months I didn’t get a lot of them.

So after the Fosdem 2020, I gathered some ideas from the talks and topics from discussions with other people there, gathered like 8 pages of notes and started writing this new edition.

I tried to cover some topics that in the 1st edition was missing and in others I tried to expand to clarify some jargon as example. Also updates about what I am doing but it was funny to see that the unique file with no real changes is the topic about how to do documentation!


Click to download from Leanpub or from GitHub without registering

Yes, I am looking for feedback so if you will read the book don’t forget to ping me back about any ideas or thoughts do you have for the 3rd edition.

Also, to let me know that you downloaded and share the book itself. AS it is an open source book started from passion and free time I don’t have the resources for a big promotion.

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