My free software and open source activities of April 2020

Questo articolo è stato scritto oltre 1 years, il contenuto potrebbe essere datato.

What has happened this month? In the meantime to read the previous report go here that was very busy.

This month I focused a lot on Mozilla Italia so there isn’t so much code.


This month I opened 9 tickets and closed 3

My projects


About the book I started on gathering notes again but also reading what I written for the new edition to extend some thoughts.



I worked on testing and reviewing various pull requests in VVV, also joining some internal discussions about internal steps.

Improved those pages on

About the WPBP I released 2 new versions of the generator for bugfixes and improved the wiki page with other stuff after some discussions with some users.

A tiny gist to fix a problem with W3 Total Cache plugin and assets filenames:


Organized 3 online meetings (it is missing the last one) about a new course for the LUG Rieti, topic Shell and Internet Networking.

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