Why you should use FreshRSS as your RSS aggregator

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There was a time when a lot of people was in love with Google, before they turned off Google Reader.

I wasn’t part of this group because I always used a Feed Aggregator locally, in my case aKregator.

Right now this awesome tool has some bugs because there are not so many contributors but worked in these years very well.

The problem I am getting now is to read my feed also on mobile when I am travelling and I cannot use my laptop or workstation, and also get synced.

Discover FreshRSS

The FOSS world is as always a surprise because you can find everything you need very quickly!

FreshRSS is a PHP project database based that support different APIs to get integrate in others software. I installed in my hosting (with a subdomain dedicated), configured and imported the various feeds, categorized and so on.

Next step was to add a cron every hour (or when you prefer) inside my Plesk panel (or also cPanel) with this command

php /home/root/www/rss.site.org/app/actualize_script.php

Change the path with the right one of your installation, with this script automatically will be downloaded every feed and update the database, so you don’t need to do that manually.

Next you can install on your Android devices a mobile client that support Google Reader APIs, like FreshRSS for android.

It was surprising that the Google Reader legacy was so strong that the API is now a standard de facto for RSS reader. So you can integrate in a lot of readers and have a centralized source for your feed.

My RSS feeds: https://gist.github.com/Mte90/2ebc9449f39fe37d22c612b31bdbb339

See you the next time!

PS: aKregator had in the past Google Reader support but not anymore so I have to use the web version for now on desktop.

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