Game Genie Good Guy – 4 days retrogaming project

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I started a tiny project because I need some cheats in a game on my Playstation Classic that now is modded for RetroArch.

I don’t want to use cheat inside retroarch also because I have a Gameboy Advance and I cannot run this Game Genie codes.

The original Game Genie Guy with inserting the Game Genie codes can generate a new rom or an IPS file with this codes included.

The cool part was to discover that the most used tool was only for Windows but was including the source code… in BCX-BASIC.

So I looked for a tool that convert this language to another that can run on Linux, patching it to use the command line and optimizing it.

The final touch was a GUI that can generate a IPS patch like the original tool, but also test the converter to generate a C and C++ version (this one just for fun).

So you can find everything on GitHub and the official release with a built version of the tool.

The tool is published also on RomHacking, so I can say that I am officially contributing to the rom hack scene.

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2 thoughts on “Game Genie Good Guy – 4 days retrogaming project

  1. Hi Danielle,

    I´ve seen on (I´m peixemacaco there) this tool.

    As I understood, the game genie is applied to the rom with this tool and is generated an ips, so the patched rom will have this code injected?
    Just great!

    Ciao danielle

    Ho visto su (ci sono peixemacaco) questo strumento.

    Come ho capito, il genio del gioco viene applicato alla rom con questo strumento e viene generato un ips, quindi alla rom patchata verrà iniettato questo codice?

    Semplicemente fantastico!

    1. Yes exactly, is based on the code of Game Genie Guy for windows that do the same but this one is the Linux version.
      I will explain better in the project readme and the article 😀

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