Smart Speaking: Sixty Second Strategies – Laurie Schloff & Marcia Yudkin

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I like Tiny books compared to big one because often they are more easy to remember and study. Especially when we are talking about Coaching because usually they are repeating always the same stuff.

Also this one fit my ideal books with a list organized with specific chapters about an issue and how to fix it in few pages each.

So in my case was interesting the part about speaking too loud or too fast, about what jokes to say and many other about stay in the room with other people.

I read this book often because is quick easy to find the problem and how to fix it also after years since the first reading.

Consider that is not expensive and is a book that you can read multiple times without follow the structure of a classic book but of a manual.

Anyway if you are looking to a book for a skilled public speaker or a new one but want to focus on specific issue instead of following a coaching book this one is perfect.

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