How I ensure that my Open Source projects have a license?

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Every developer should know that release the code doesn’t mean that is open source.

Probably you are asking why, after all the code is public. Also, the bus are public but this doesn’t mean that you can use it without a ticket.

Basically if it is not explained it is proprietary software.

For this reason after listening Richard Stallman I developed a CLI tool, GH-License.

This tool has 3+1 main features:

  • Scan a user/organization profile (GitHub and BitBucket supported right now) and check if all the public repositories include a license
  • Download a OS license (you can choose what license) in the folder and automatically add a commit
  • If a readme is available add the badge about the license
  • Include Git hooks on pre-commit to check if the project has a license

In this way you cannot release anymore a project without a license and still get a good habit of understand what is a license and what fit better your needs.


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