How to track the downloads of your WordPress plugins?

This article has been written before more than 1 years, information might old.

Be a WordPress plugin developer is cool but do statistics is very difficult.

As developer, I used during the time different marketplace like for Firefox OS or Chrome and Firefox for web extensions.

For me is very important to see the numbers about how many users I have to evaluate what to do for a lot of different tasks.

Right now the WordPress repository doesn’t have clear numbers:

This creates a not easy life for companies about the usage of the plugins…
Luckily they have APIs but are not so helpful if you not aggregate this data in different ways.

WPDevMetrics improve the experience also aggregating this numbers with the previous year and sending daily emails about the download.

It is not the best solution because the WP portal don’t give real numbers like 1932 but 1000+ so you cannot see the real numbers.

Also, because it is not easy to differentiate the new installation with the updates.

Usually the marketplace show this numbers in a different way but in WordPress is not possible.

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How to track the downloads of your WordPress plugins?

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