Which celebrity are you? discover it with machine learning!

This article has been written more than 1 years ago, information might old.

Few days ago on Reddit compared an interesting project by giphy that is the biggest provider for gif on the web.

Basically they have a tool that help to tag the various gif using machine leraning to identify 2300~ celebrities (american and international) and they released their code but also a demo.

There is also an article that explain how works.

So it was a time for tests.

I tried:

  • over 20~ photos of me of the last 10 years
  • Black and white but also altered colors
  • Usually photo with high resolution (more then 500px) cannot detect faces
  • With png doesn’t works
  • Usually side profile photo are not detected

I am attaching there all the photo where the demo identified a face:

That I am similar to Steve BUscemi when was young is not new but there are a lot of people there that I have no idea who they are.

Anyway seems that works pretty well also if there are few cases where isn’t so much.

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Which celebrity are you? discover it with machine learning!

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