My free software and open source activities of January 2019

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What is happened this (past) month? In the meantime to read the previous report go here.


This month was busy to get back on work and start plan few contributions:

This month I opened 3 tickets and closed 1

My projects

No new release of my projects and this is quite strange! Probably because I was busy or my projects are working good and not need new updates!


  • Configured the Telegram bots for Mozilla Italia community and helped to get them running
  • Working on my Reps Council OKRs
  • To find other activities you can see on
  • Planning 1 event and 1 meetup for March 2019


This month for WordPress I had no chance to contribute so much also because we are in a phase of updates for 5.2 release.

I written only this post about a bug in WordPress.

I am only planning what WordCamp in Italy join.


Better start this year with a new section about ClassicPress!

This month I worked a lot on getting a way to backport patch from WordPress, on promote i18n, and evaluate the list of patch that we want to integrate.


Working for next month to 2 events in Rieti about Linux.

Industria Italiana del Software Libero

We did finally a meeting after 3 month and discussed about the future of the association but we need further investigation.

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