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Questo articolo รจ stato scritto oltre 1 years, il contenuto potrebbe essere datato.

I was looking for a sci-fi movie title easy to adapt and I chosen it: I, Robot (that anyway is not a good adaptation of Asimov books for me).

So I, Developer was the best choice to explain the changelog of the new version of WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered.

The first step was to improve the boilerplate code that required months between my life, job and other open source stuff.

Basically I rewritten the folder structure to be composer based on autoloading of all the files and with 2 classes to extend in a way that all of them have access to the settings.

The new code organization is based for areas like rest, admin, internals or ajax with the same organization in the various Codeception tests from integration to functional. Yes, in other words contain already few tests for the various areas so is easy to start with them and discover how to do it with wp-browser module for Codeception.

I created also a tests.sh file that can execute also a custom script inside tests folder with the support for selenium for Acceptance tests.

In the meantime I added the .env support (for tests) and also .editorconfig but I suggest to check the code!

Anyway I added also new libraries and updated few of them like:

  • CronPlus and PointerPlus was updated for a better support of Composer
  • Debug, for the support of Query Monitor plugin that add new methods of this plugin and let to create a panel

After years there is finally a website for the project: wpbp.github.io (Thanks to all the people that reported me issues with the english and bugs).

At the same time the code generator got an update with code organization improved a lot and with more informations in the shell.

Thanks to all the people with their feedback and suggestions helped me with this new version of the boilerplate.

My suggestion to start using it:

  • Download the latest version of the generator (check the release page if you want the phar version)
  • Edit the wpbp.json file (generated by the tool) with what you need
  • Execute again the generator, the default behaviour is to check if the file exist and generate the boilerplate
  • Look in the various files and try the plugin itself

In conclusion try it, I am waiting for your feedback!

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