My free software and open source activities of September 2018

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What has happened this month? In the meantime to read the previous report go here.


This months was very busy in contributing in a lot of different projects:

This month I opened 13 tickets and closed 8

My projects

This month was busy with work but as usual I done a lot of stuff:



I written the WordCamp Rome 2018 report, I joined the WordPress Terni meetup, I joined also the ClassicPress community and I written a long post explaining why and the issues inside the WordPress community.

Working also on WPBP, with updating the generator, new Debug package version and new version of the boilerplate.

I also joined 2 meetings of ClassicPress:


I am also organizing the Linux Day in Rieti, the schedule is ready, also for others Linux Days in Italy.
Also working on new slides for Common Voice for Italian languages to use in this events.

Industria Italiana del Software Libero

We worked on Linux Day to be ready for that and also for the evaluation about the contributions of members. I also made few CSS changes to the website.


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