How Wakatime changed my idea of tracking my coding

Questo articolo è stato scritto oltre 1 years, il contenuto potrebbe essere datato.

Developers code, it is our main focus and we have no idea how much time we use on pressing key button on our keyboard every day.

Especially in a range of months also for specific projects.

More then an year ago I installed Wakatime extension on different editors that I use and created an account for free.

As example for Netbeans (I used a lot in the past years), Vim (It is an year that I am migrating to that) and Kate (I use it for fast changes or also editing on remote servers).

I never checked pretty well how much time I consume in projects because the free plan is only for weekly email reports.

One day in my company we chosen to see how much time I work on stuff to do estimation for the next years.
So I bought the monthly plan for this month to see it and I was a little bit scared of how much time I used on writing on specific projects. Like 80 hours only on writing on the keyboard!

Very scare for me, at least now I have a cool keyboard with mechanical keys and I can enjoy the writing more then before but is scary anyway.
Also because don’t consider the time on reading/writing email to customers or support (I am doing support on different customers) but also thinking and testing.

More scary then before after considering also this factor, but is important because can help you to optimize but also do plans and estimation for the future.

So think if you need this feature and integrate it very quickly because require time to track what are you doing with your favourite editor!

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