Udoo Quad Core in a box for LibreElec

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I already said that I like a lot Udoo (check my past article about Udoo x86).

I have the Udoo Quad Core since few years and never used a lot but I found a way to use it from the sofa.

Yes, with Librelec I am using as a media center with a remote control that include also a keyboard.

The main problem was that I used together with an external HDD with movies and they was put on the TV table with their cables, in few words very horrible to see.

So I day I looked for a box and I found it, and printed in 3D (with the help of a friend)!

Require a little bit of work because the HDD that I was using for some strange reason wasn’t have enough space. With the help of tools I made space with removing of few plastic parts that was creating issues. I removed also a little bit of plastic too to let the cables enter from the side.

Apart the color of the box required 24~ to be printed, and help of adhesive tape because of the power cable of the SATA HDD to not move everywhere.

Right now as you can see is missing a fan that will be added soon but I can confirm that works pretty well.

For who is asking how is connected to internet, with Wifi of course to avoid more cables on the table. Now there are only the 2 power cables of Udoo and HDD and HDMI instead to have all of them outside.

Also I changed the sata to usb adapter that I was using to use sata plug, in that way less cables and more fast.

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