Script your Yakuake with default tabs

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For people like me, the terminal is the most important tool.

The problem is that I usually open different tabs and always to the same path, so after year became quite boring to do that.

As every developer and IT administrator, all the boring and repetitive tasks deserve a software or a script to simplify.

Also to improve the terminal interface, not only aliases or scripts.

Looking on the internet is easy to find a solution, like this one.

I need only to do few improvements based on my needs and looking to Yakuake source code to check the APIs.

So I made that script that I executed at boot.

  • Create 3 tabs
  • Change their name
  • Executed su command to autologin as root
  • Use the already mentioned alias to move on specific folders
  • Remove the tabs automatically created by yakuake

In few words with the magic of dbus I made it.



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