SyntaxAlert 2.0: Autofix your typos on Linux

- Linux, Python

SyntaxAlert is an old project of mine that was very helpful to fix different issues on my writing.

After all this years I think that is time to level up and optimize everything because I don’t need anymore alerts but something that is like an auto correct of smartphones.

So I found a library on python that do the magic, keyboard, that can change automatically what you write in all the applications.

Yes in all the applications, from Firefox to a code editor because intercept every symbol pressed by the keyboard and replace them.

Something very cool but right now has the old problem that I cannot find a fix in different years.

The issue of accented letters because they are written as combination of keys and is not easy to reconize them.

I am waiting for a fix or a solution, check

There are also problems for symbol like ' but I can survive without it.

Check the repo:

Autofix your typos on Linux easily! [Ex SyntaxAlert]
23 forks.
7 stars.
7 open issues.
Recent commits:

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