My free software and open source activities of June 2018

This article has been written before more than 1 years, information might old.

What is happened this month? In the meantime to read the previous report go here.


This months was very very busy a lot of pull request:

I opened 9 issues and closed 3 on different projects:

My projects

This month was busy with work but as usual I done a lot of stuff:


I joined the Mozilla All Hands in San Francisco few weeks ago, the report is at

I worked on reaching out all the Reps Mentors inactive and a call to assign new mentee to all the Mentors. Also created a Discourse category with a Mozillians group for all of them.

I also prepared the blogpost to publish soon about the H2 plan for the Reps program as my OKR as Reps Council member.

To find other activities you can see on


I joined the WordPress meetup in Rome and Terni and also working on VVV.

Since more then a month I am part of the Reviewers team of that in few words is a tester of every new pull requests on the project.


I am organizing the Mozilla Italia presence at with the help of other 6 volunteers.

Industria Italiana del Software Libero

We made a meeting with a written report about what we made (in Italian):


Reorganized my personal collection of posters of events where I was part of the schedule gathered in a lot of years

My personal car has now Quantum speed

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My free software and open source activities of June 2018

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