Mozilla All Hands San Francisco 2018 – I was there

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This is not my first Mozilla All Hands, honestly is the 5th as volunteer. My past reports are on 1, 2, 3, 4.

Prequel (long)

This is not my first All Hands and after the previous I was disappointed personally because after Quantum I didn’t saw a lot of attention to the volunteers. The usual problem of access NDA stuff or internal documents that has NDA people we need to access (as example graphic stuff like for banner or stuff to print usually is impossible to have for the communities).

There was also a lot of plans for the future but no so many facts and this was very disappointing me, for people that know me, I am person that prefer facts than a lot of talking. And I am one of the person that talk a lot with a lot of Italian hands gestures included for free.

Also, the last months I didn’t saw a lot of traction again to volunteers apart what is doing the Open Innovation team and Addons team (that I follow with others).

I was also planning to stop to work on Mozilla stuff in less projects something that I already started doing.

In that way I discovered that I prefer to develop instead discuss a lot of Community engagement (often about the same issues) and this remembered that development is my real job.

In the WordPress community I am involved in community engagement for the Italian but with a bigger team and structured so in few words I am only giving feedback (I love to do that) and help them to use our GitHub repo.

As developer I am following GlotPress has one of the maintainers, VVV I am one of the reviewer and helping for new features, I am also leading the Italian Core Help team with weekly meetings (since two months we stopped) about how to contribute to WordPress. I also joined a lot of meetings of core-php team and doing of course patches. I am also recognized as important member of the Polyglots community with my projects like GlotDict.

So for me is more natural to contribute on WordPress because I work on that and I do my life with that, to not forget I love a lot that community and maybe this is the most important factor.

Also, I am the President (after 2 year as Vice President) of Industria Italiana del software libero association, that is a working in progress association to group all the professional/company that work with open source in Italy.

From the last October I am also doing a monthly report about what I do for open source, because I want to track what I do for others to teach that possible to change our world also without do tech startups.

I am a volunteer inside Mozilla since 2013, now I am a Mozilla Reps Council member (2nd year in a row),  Mozilla Reps Mentor, Mozilla TechSpeakers (one with the highest numbers of talks made) and in the past also Mozilla Club Captain, Mozilla Campus Club Mentor, Firefox OS few different roles but for this there is my complete profile on Mozillians.

So I can say that I made a lot of things from code to documentation to localization and promotion other community building.

This was very helpful for me to create myself as person and create my skills luggage (to use a term of travelling, after all -9 hour of timezone in San Francisco) and probably without Mozilla I will be not what I am right now.

After all of this I was evaluating to stop to contribute because I saw that there wasn’t anything that can be helpful for my life and my job in my own company.

I saw also the differences with all my friends (that are not part of my open source life), I am not interested in sport but only on comics and do open source stuff.

I was using this as an excuse to fill my free time with a hobby that now is also my working life and again created what I am right now.

I am a developer and I cannot change that, I need facts, something to fix and I think that I am doing well this inside Mozilla, in what I follow where there is the chance to join the discussions for volunteers. Also because people ask my feedback for what I am with all my background not because I am the first on the area (I think).

My gratification is when stuff are done and finished, doesn’t matter the results (I mean something closed as we will do later for me is not closed) and in the last months I didn’t saw a lot of that inside Mozilla (not Mozilla Italia instead).

All Hands

Let’s go to facts!

2 days of talks where I could follow only few of them and waiting when they will be published on AirMo for NDA volunteers. I saw again the problem of documents not easily to access to volunteers again as usual.

Actually is a problem of Google Docs that is not possible to integrate to Mozillians and employee have to do it a new document to share on the NDA folder that now is possible instead create a specific document for the public.

Also there is a folder on Google Drive for Reps Council + Open Innovation that let me to access to everything under NDA to help on my role, and this is amazing.

This All Hands started with introducing the new Addendum for the Mozilla manifesto, introducing how Mozilla with Hacks blog (I made also an userstyle for Stylus to improve the website, check on is doing a lot on simplify promotion of how hard technologies works with Code Cartoon:

Showing how MDN is growing a lot

Talking about Conscious Choosers (for from my point of view this need to be our goal as Mozillians):

5 new projects of last 6 months:

Few stats of last 6 months:

Also discovering that Facebook Container addon idea is started by an idea between Mozilla employees in a joke reply show that listening this kind of feedback/ideas can be very powerful for a big community like our.

This introduction for me was enough to be motivated again on thrusting Mozilla as doer but from the rest of teams?

Let’s start again!

Mozilla is experimenting with DeepSpeech different stuff like Text To Speech and an experiment of Grammar checking based on DeepSpeech. This is amazing because now Common Voice is supporting other languages than English (we working to add also the Italian to the languages list and if you are interested reach us on Telegram).

Also, about Scout that is an experimental project, already showed on CNet. The problem of this project for me that use Alexa and actually is only for the people that use that (apart that the application is only for iOS), so my vote is like 40% approval right now.

The next one is Iodide, a new Web IDE to show big data elaboration and analysis in an easy way also for people that is not so good with them. The most cool part of that is the integration of Python running inside the browser, yes I am not joking! They compiled Python interpreter with few specific libraries in WebAssembly and now is possible to write python inside the browser or mix with JavaScript, I suggest to you to try the demo page.

Updates from DevTools, Addons and MDN in an awesome slide deck of over 70 slides available in this link.

Also other interesting facts:

I am wondering of many of them are vouched Mozillians because they are the real mozillians, there a re a lot of profiles of people that are not part of the communities so for me this is not a strong number.

Mozilla is also investing a lot on Android like with Pocket, Firefox Focus and Firefox Rocket (but they are only a fancy interface to Webkit) Fire TV and of course Firefox.

Now below few my various personal notes:

  • Mozilla need to compete async on the various factors/issues/whatever
  • Crowdfunding on the big view is made of: Capacity (understand the various chance), Creativity (invite and discover new projects that you can do) and Expertise (with challenges)
  • Mozilla is looking to improve for the next year on: Cross Browser experience (as I can remember there was the idea of Screenshot extension also from chrome as example) and improve browser productivity (that is different from new features)
  • Mozillians are the Agents of change for the future of the Web (I liked a lot this phrase)
  • About Mission Driven Mozillians:
    • It is to act to address barriers on joining, standardize process between the various teams, equally support with transparency
    • A standard way to join groups between communities and teams is a common problem
    • No clarity why people need to join a group
    • Avoid gatekeeping
    • Leadership as responsible
    • If the activities is valuable
  • Open Innovation is moving forward the relation between communities and the various more then before
  • Many volunteers doesn’t understand the various roles and tasks of the employee of the Open Innovation team in general (not only community development), sometimes I have the same problem too
  • WebMIDI in Firefox is waiting (also if available internally only on OSX) because will be written from scratch in Rust and need an approval from the safety of the API
  • The TechSpeakers is cool because gather different people (also not interested in community) in a community
  • Reps program need to have more visibility and the sprints/campaign are part of that but is not enough (and we are working on that)
  • There is an high Twitter usage about Firefox Nightly users ->

We worked a lot also for Mozilla Reps program on our H2 plan, new campaigns, what we have to do to be more aligned with Mission Driven Mozillians, CPG and many others.

Some photos:


I am ready for the next 6 months on looking more facts from Mozilla and that Open Innovation will do a lot of new things and also Addon as usual!
I have to work more on my English pronunciation because created a little bit of confusion and sadly seems that there is no so much understanding of hands gestures outside Italy.

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