WordCamp Bologna, WP Terni & WP Rome meetup

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These two weeks have been full of meetings dedicated to WordPress, let’s make a quick summary!

WordPress Terni meetup

Last week I was able to attend the first meeting in Terni of the new meetup and present a talk: Do you want make money? Start to contribute to WordPress!

A group photo of some of the participants is on Facebook.

Interesting to speak to an event with no precedent and therefore having to explain even the most basic things of the community and the environment.

Let’s see how the Terni meetup will continue, I hope to be able to participate in the meetings given the proximity!

The evening then ended up in a pizzeria chatting about this and that.

WordPress Roma meetup

The Rome meetup celebrated the 15 years of WordPress so I could not miss it!

I replied the talk of Terni and also tried the new shirt.

But even the theme photo could not be missing:

The classic question about why I should contribute as a developer has been made and it is not easy to answer if you do not want to have more experience in developing on WordPress.

I have the spontaneous idea of thinking about examples where knowing the WordPress code is useful to be able to work faster.

WordCamp Bologna

This WordCamp is dedicated to developers and the first in the national sphere. It will be interesting to see the results of the survey to understand what type of participants there were.

It was also a way to get other members of the community and talk about many things about the future and the upcoming WordCamp.

I presented a talk WordPress as a Framework 2.0 (with technical problems) but the slides were fixed in the meantime.

Personally I could discover some things that I did not know about the standard coding of WordPress (which I already use) that will now be part of my development.

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