How to aggregate GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket tickets

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As I explained on The virtuosity of reporting in the Open Source world for me is very important to open issues or tickets when I found something in open source projects.

The problem during the time that maybe keep an eye to different platforms and track the task assigned can be a problem.

One of my most requested things was to have an aggregator of task assigned to me in various platform. Ignoring labels, priorities and milestone because they are consistency used between various projects and services.

After looking on internet I discovered that there is a tool, TaskWarrior that is for CLI usage to do a task list.

Also, I discovered that there is an external tool that can integrate different services like GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket and many others in TaskWarrior, his name is bugwarrior.

After different testing I saw that is working, so I chosen to upload my settings of bugwarrior (without my access token of course) on GitHub.

The next step was to do a web interface that I based on taskwarrior-php, to adapt to my needs.

So the view is very simple with only a list without any chance to interact with the db of TaskWarrior because for my needs is not required.

As you can see I censured the BitBucket stuff that is work stuff so like private ๐Ÿ™‚

Now my idea is to see if I need to upload this stuff on a private VPS that automatically update the list and avoid executing locally.

In any case now is working and for me is perfect!

For all the scripts that I am using, you can find them here.

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