After 10 years I switch my main domain

Questo articolo รจ stato scritto oltre 1 years, il contenuto potrebbe essere datato.

It is time to talk about the last 10 years in my life and the web.

My first website that I built was about Dragon Ball in Italian with a Forum, at the age of 15 on 2006. Web Archive is there to remember about it.

I remember that initially was built with Frame (not iframe) and later I built a little template system with PHP to render the page.

Later I opened my first personal website, that was inspired on by Spaces Live blog (now migrated on

I worked also on New-CMS (before XCMS) as developer and later also as a maintainer of a fork called Flatz-CMS (a PHP cms flat without database).

That experience of a contributor (before of GitHub, I opened an account there I think around 2011-2012) was helpful to start to work on a project with a community.

Later with starting working and discover that this technology was obsolete and the code quality very badly I switched to another cms, Lepton.

After contribute a while I chosen to start to work with WordPress in 2012.

And after 6 years I am keep using and developing other than contribute to WordPress.

If you are following this blog you know that I am involved in different community mainly Mozilla, WordPress and IISL.

Next Steps

Now the next step is to change my twitter handle from Mte90net to Mte90 but is not easy. I am trying from a lot of years without any success.

For the other point of a new template for the moment I don’t need one (mainly I have no time to develop a new theme) so until I discover a new theme that I link this will keep to be the theme.

All the old urls will be redirected to the new domain automatically ๐Ÿ™‚

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