My extensions on Firefox and Thunderbird 2018

This article has been written more than 1 years ago, information might old.

After three years (!!!) let’s see the 2018 list what has for us, or offer to me as user.


Since the release of Firefox 57 the quality in the extensions has increased a lot, so we start talking about the extensions that I have created and that I use. I am using Firefox Nightly.

  • GlotDict for WordPress translators my most famous and used extension
  • Facebook Direct Links to avoid redirects on Facebook links
  • Share Backported , to share links on over 14 social networks or services.
    • On this extension I want to talk about it a bit being the one with more success (over 1700 downloads). Created because I was using this feature a lot and I wanted a replacement. Over the time it has been very successful coming to support more services of the integrated version of Firefox < 57, many of which I do not even use.

Let’s move on to the extensions I use:

  • Code Copy, ideal for developers. It recognizes automatically specific sites and in the blocks of code it allows to make the copy easily.
  • Emoji Box, so you have a window to enter the emojis also from the computer.
  • Facebook Tracking Exposed, to help analyze the Facebook algorithm.
  • Facebook UnSeen Messenger, to read messages on messenger chat without mark them as read and result online.
  • GitHub File Icon, to add the format icon to various files that appear in the lists on Github.
  • GitHub Repository Size, to find out how heavy a repository is.
  • Google search link fix, to remove the redirect on the links of the Google results.
  • History AutoDelete, to automatically delete the oldest history based on settings (I keep only the last 3 months).
  • Hover Zoom+, to display enlarged images on mouseover. I opened the request to bring it on Firefox time ago. Useful on sites like Reddit or Facebook.
  • I do not care about cookies, to remove warnings about cookies on websites. They do not interest anyone and I forget about these notices. Using Firefox on Android I installed the extension again and removed the issue from mobile.
  • KDE Connect, in order to send links to your Android device in environments with KDE. I made the request to get it on Firefox. </ Li>
  • LanguageTool Grammar Check, to check the grammar when I write in English.
  • MDN Search, so you can easily search on mdn using the address bar.
  • Min Vid, an experiment in Firefox Test Pilot to view videos of some services in a dedicated window.
  • Advanced GitHub Notifier, notifications of GitHub but at the system level and with a counter.
  • Octopatcher, for useful features on GitHub how to compact code blocks in tickets or readme.
  • Octotree, to show the GitHub and Bitbucket files in a side column.
  • Out of Bounds, to remove redirects on Reddit links.
  • Passman, my password manager based on my nextcloud instance. I have opened several tickets over time and I am also a patreon. I love it.
  • Privacy Badger, along with Firefox’s tracking-protection feature are perfect for surfing in peace.
  • Reddit Enhancement Suite, for endless scrolling on Reddit and other things. It gives me problems with Firefox tracking protection, so I can not use it to the fullest.
  • Refined GitHub, optimizes the Github interface.
  • uBlock Origin, to block advertising on the internet.

On Firefox I heavily use Sync to send me links between devices and to synchronize favorites and also the functionality of screenshots.

Firefox Developer Edition

On the Firefox Dev Edition instance I use extensions helpful for my job as developer.


I use the beta version (better and faster) but as usual I use different extensions.

  • Adblock Plus, to disable tracking of newsletters and in e-mails. It exists and with adblock you sleep peacefully.
  • Auto Compress File, to automatically compress (based on parameters) the attachments of an email.
  • Automatic Dictionary, to set up the language dictionary in e-mail. Require training and recognizes the email previously suggesting the dictionary. </ Li>
  • Border Colors GT, to recognize the email you are using is colored with a different border in the writing window.
  • Compact Header, to optimize the interface by hiding email items.
  • Contact Tabs, adds a contact search field.
  • Gravatars, to show the email gravatar.
  • Send Later, to send emails by scheduling them.
  • Nextcloud for Filelink, for uploading large files on Nextcloud using attachments.
  • Show Folder Size, to show the size of the open folder on Thunderbird.
  • Use BCC Instead, in case there are too many contacts in the email it automatically sets them as BCC.
  • Xpunge, to empty the trash and spam and shrink the folders according to the configuration.

We are at the end!

And you what extension for you is mandatory?

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My extensions on Firefox and Thunderbird 2018

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