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7:30 pm on March 23rd 2018 for the Merge-IT aperitif in Turin.

This is how the Italian conference between Italian communities in the open source world and digital rights begins.

What is the Merge-IT

This is not an evolution of ConfSL but something new and organized differently (website).

From an idea of ​​some of the Italian communities (in the precise Roberto Guido of ILS) we wanted to organize a day with all the communities in the same place to make assemblies and presentations.

One thing to note is the program managed through github as the whole site avoiding the lock-in occurred at the previous ConfSL, as well as the rest of the organization.

Industria Italiana del Software Libero

As an association we had a path all for us with included an assembly moment open to all.

Regarding the presence I will do a special article with my ideas for 2018/2020 that I have already started but that takes some time because now being the president I want to do things right.

We have received some important feedback from the event and I want to be sure that they are present in the plan.

An analysis of our presence at the Merge-IT very fast is the presence during the talks that was very low depending on the themes but higher than previous events.

Speaking of topics not from developers makes but we have to do more to propose interesting topics and let us know more.

Thanks to all those who have come and to the speakers who have allowed us to speak no more than pure philosophy but real solutions.

Mozilla Italia

Thank you.
Thanks to all the friends who have decided to come that have allowed to be many volunteers at an Italian event. What I had never seen since I’ve been a volunteer for almost 5 years now.

We were 9 and we could do a spectacular job with a really interesting track and with external speakers (something that has not happened so long).

Edoardo has already written a report and attached several photos so I do not want to repeat myself.

I want to say that personally being many has allowed us to talk about our future but time has not been enough for everything but at least has allowed us to speak in live.

We have also been able to see which topics are most interesting and talk to other people and gather ideas. Surely the system to collect all the presentations is just one of many.

We also have photos in which my community “beats” me and jokes apart shows that between us there is an affection but also a sympathy that goes beyond the interest factor on the project.

This creates a community and our community represents these things!

For a 360-degree photo:

What I learned

As with any of my event reports there is this section that serves to draw my personal conclusions that help make the production experience (for me).

  • In the open source world considers to be friends even if we sees us a few times a year and speaks only via the internet (even without a call)
  • See in live is not just for promotion but for working on the future of the community
  • That we are not a nerd that lives in the garage
  • That we are so many and that we must work harder together
  • Unfortunately, being part of several communities creates problems in following assiduously everything that happens in the events
  • That the collateral moments like dinners help to chat
  • That we must persevere with our ideas
  • What a moment of meeting a year is not enough

Comments on the organization of the event

The easy location being the rooms next to each other but with the spaces available we did not have a stand.

In addition there was a greater participation respect to ConfSL, I hypothesize about 160 people but in the morning they were more.

The single day factor with 8 paths at the same time created difficulties such as not being able to greet the friends of other communities due to lack of time. In short, the contamination was not very easy.

Eating was inconvenient because it was not clear where to go and times could be tight but in the end we could eat without major problems.

Internet lagging has created some problems but can be solved for the future.

The new question is when there will be the next Italian conference?

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