WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 2.2.0 is there

This article has been written before more than 1 years, information might old.

Finally after months of working a new release is ready!

WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 2.2.0 and the new changelog:

* New code for capabilities adding with a upgrade procedure
* New singleton pattern with filters to disable specific classes and other stuff (in few files no singleton anymore)
* Removed assets/bin folders from this repo and moved to different ones
* Updated Composer dependences
* Removed DOM routing because for plugins is better to create specific files to load by php
* Removed Custom actions (hooks, filters, shortcode) because is a choice by the dev where to put them
* New constants for the path of the plugin (used for load/enqueue files)
* Support for Grunt CoffeeScript 2.0.0
* Improved the Act/Deact code
* Updated logo and links on right sidebar box on settings page
* Added FunctionMocker on tests
* Removed .php_cs to switch on a parameter to the generator

With the wpbp-generator as well.

As you can see I worked a lot to improve  the internal code structure for new patterns of coding and with a cleanup.

The assets are in another folder to cleaning together with the scripts.

The idea of new constants is to improve the loading of files and integrate better with the WordPress API.

There is the support for CoffeeScript 2.0.0 with Grunt with FunctionMocker in unit tests (that are improved).

A code ported from one of my projects is an upgrade procedure that set/update custom capabilities.

Also I worked to fix or improve the other libraries of this project like Debug, Template, Widgets-Helper, CPT_Columns and Cron-Plus.

Actually the code is PHP 5.x supported but not all the package in the composer.json satisfy that requirement so is on the developers do that check.

For the same reason the code is improved but is not using new PHP 7.x feature because WordPress is not yet ready to support it as minimum requirement.

As you can see on the readme now the project is part of OpenCollective, a way to gather money to support the project and promote it.

We are maintaining also a list of plugin based on this boilerplate, searching on GitHub so is not so updated.

Also there is a list of useful resources that on our development was useful for our work, and maybe also on your.

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WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Powered 2.2.0 is there

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