DevDay Benevento e Salerno – I was there

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A week ago I used my weekend doing the speaker between Benevento and Salerno to the DevDay community.

I want to say thanks to both the meetup that was able to organize themself to do both the events in only one journey.


For me is the third time that I go to Benevento and this time I done two talks, Firefox 57 and how to do browser extensions.

The event was in the University of Benevento, with 35 persone with 3 professors.

The photo with Giovanni (co organizzer of the meetup) and Mozilla volunteer was required 😀

Also the eating night

I got also to sign the book about C/C++ from the author (photo):


I missed this city until now and I got 4 talks in 2 hours. Firefox 57, how to do browser extension to change topic with WordPress with WP-CLI and how to do a plugin.

The attendees was 25 people in the offices of the famous Ninja Marketing.

Other few photos:


I have not so much to say about the meetups but I got many feedbacks that I want to share with you.

  • The new Firefox is fast, today also the rocks now that
  • The way to communicate between a browser with a binary file inside the computer seems very interesting (especially for who works in big company)
    • Also becasue today Flash and Java not work anymore in the browser many features are not available anymore and many old softwares need to be updated
  • There is very interest about privacy topics
  • Many people is wondering how many money Mozilla do and how earn them
  • Integration between Tor and Firefox
  • Not everyone knows all the Mozilla projects
  • The classic question: how I can contribute to Mozilla
  • The Headless mode of Firefox seems very interesting

Another point that surprised me was that after 2 years of doing talk about extensions in Italy there is finally interests in this technology. Before there was very few interests, today (maybe also because JavaScript is more knwon) Firefox is fast and today make an extension is very easy and fast.

Many people after the meetups informed me that they switched to Firefox Nightly, another point for us!

Both the meetups recorded the talks so they will be available in Italian on YouTube pretty soon.

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