My free software and open source activities of November 2017

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A new month with new stuff, to read the previous report go here.


This months was busy but I done as usual few pull requests:

I opened 25 issues and closed 14 on different projects:

My projects

This month was very busy:


I have lead as Reps Council Chair 4 different meetings this month, check on:

I finally published the Open Conversation, check it is very interesting!

To find other activities you can see on

I was also involved on promotion on social networks and other for Mozilla Italia.

As I written above I released the new version of Promote MDN 2.0!

I started and finished the practise week for Reps Coaching and I will be a coach for 4 reps soon 😀

This month I joined the rest of Reps Council in Berlin where we joined a Leadership meetup with many people from other teams, about what means Leadership in Open Source projects and the discussion is open to everyone, links:

As bugzilla tickets, this month only two:


This month only one meeting for WordPress Italia Core-Help:

This meeting was interesting because I done a patch explaining all the steps by chat,

I joined different meetings on core-php during the month, you can check them better on

I worked a lot in different libraries and also on the boilerplate on, with the experience of Promote MDN and improved many things also for unit tests.


I joined the World Usability Day in Rome for Mozilla Italia but also WordPress Rome Meetup with a talk about How to contribute to

Industria Italiana del Software Libero

We done a meeting of the council team and we planned few things very soon and started to think for a campaign for 2018.


Another busy month for different reasons with satisfaction in different things.

Photo of the month?

Me in Mozilla Berlin offices and the Firefox Quantum (PS: you know that there is a new Firefox version that is called Quantum?)

Firefox quantum is an huuuge release!

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Video of the month?

Firefox 57 è qui! #mozilla #mozillaitalia

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Satisfaction? Because I have a certificate for my knowledge about la Esperanto lingvo!

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